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The national average closing rate falls below 20%—that’s only 100 sales for every 500 opportunities. But by facilitating follow-up among unsold customers and simplifying lead management through the proper automotive CRM, XRM helps you sell an additional 87 units.

Double your profits without doubling your spend.
Take a look and see all the ways XRM will work for you.

24/7 Website and Leads Monitoring

With the continual upsurge in online purchasing, every lead is crucial. Lead Tracker™ makes keeping up effortless by matching those leads against search and shop activity to provide real-time updates and dynamic ROI reporting. Plus, ILM™ individually tailors sales processes to your store for increased overall profitability.

10% of all worked leads become closed deals.

Direct Desking

One of the top five reasons car shoppers don’t re-purchase at certain dealerships is because of the paperwork. That’s why Mobile XRM™ expedites processing with advanced driver’s license and VIN scanning. And Desking™ converts forms electronically while offering easy online customer payment customization to cut deal times in half.

Results-Based Follow-Up

You can’t be everywhere at once. RBF inspires a more involved sales staff, ensures consistent contact, and keeps your customers engaged with automated reminders and explicit follow-up—something 74% of customers now expect, and a significant deal-breaker in vehicle purchases.

26% of customers who received dealership follow-up purchased from that dealership vs. only 15% of customers who had no follow-up.

Showroom Control™

Studies show that low conversion rates can often be directly linked to internal sales processes. But Showroom Control increases accountability by ensuring your team is following through. And all the activity and pertinent info they need is viewable on one, user-friendly screen.

Unparalleled Support

As business grows and changes, so does your need for reliable support. Beyond your dealer CRM, we provide a team of personable support specialists, ready at your command. Plus, you can always count on ongoing training and industry-proven insights from your personal performance manager.


Here’s what our customers have to say…

XRM – Partnership

I feel extremely confident in our decision to move forward with XRM, and that we have made a great decision by committing to our partnership with you and the XRM team for the future.

Shawn Vaughan, General Manager, Toyota of Boerne

XRM – A True Partner-Vendor

XRM has been “incredibly responsive to our needs over the years by listening to our concerns about technology issues, and by customizing some of your products and reports to help us conduct our business at a much higher level. I feel that has contributed to our growth and success. We also like the fact that you are local and that your field staff are all retail folks that have had experience in dealerships. I just want to say that you guys have been there for us when we needed you, and I do appreciate that kind of attention from a true partner-vendor.”

Shawn Vaughan, General Manager, Toyota of Boerne

XRM – Most Powerful, Complete, and Fully Integrated CRM Tool

I am convinced that you will soon have the most powerful, complete, and fully integrated CRM/marketing tool in the industry for both Sales and Service. […] I can’t wait to test-drive it and use it to drive our business to new record levels of sales and profits.

Shawn Vaughan, General Manager, Toyota of Boerne

XRM – Cutting Edge Solution

XRM has “a cutting-edge mobile solution, which is going to be a big part of our sales process in the future, as we are outgrowing our facility, and we have to give our sales team a mobile solution to allow them to work efficiently.”

Shawn Vaughan, General Manager, Toyota of Boerne

XRM – Call Quota Success

We have made a major commitment to require our team to meet daily sales call quotas, and your customization of the reconciliation process (and reports) for us has been a huge part of our success.

Shawn Vaughan, General Manager, Toyota of Boerne

XRM – Best-in-class

XRM’s showroom control, ILM, results-based follow-up, telephony and appointment reconciliation solutions are “best-in-class.”

Shawn Vaughan, General Manager, Toyota of Boerne

XRM – 250% Increase

Since purchasing the dealership a few years ago and installing XRM, Toyota of Boerne has increased sales volume per month from about 150 units to over 600 units as of December 2016—an increase of 250 percent.

Shawn Vaughan, General Manager, Toyota of Boerne

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