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Maximize trigger effectiveness with updated opcodes.

Maximize trigger effectiveness with updated opcodes.

While every new year brings fresh opportunities to increase success, you can begin finding those opportunities right now simply by making sure your opcodes for triggered notifications are accurate. By implementing these timely updates, you’ll help ensure that each trigger reaches every intended recipient. Since Scheduled Maintenance and Declined Repair triggers are set up to launch based on certain opcodes, those that are out of date or incomplete can interfere with or prevent the delivery of your targeted communications.

Best reach = best response

The more opcodes that need updating, the more key connections you could be missing with your customers. Avoid any possibility of undelivered communications by letting the upcoming new year serve as a reminder to make sure you have the correct opcodes on file. That way, you’ll go into 2019 knowing you’re harnessing the most potential service opportunities and optimizing your trigger reach for the best possible response.

For assistance updating your opcodes, please reach out to your Performance Manager today.

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