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Your dealership faces a two-fold challenge from customers today: they’re less loyal to you, but they expect more from you. AutoLoop Loyalty addresses both issues: our fully integrated online loyalty program software totally adapts to your specific needs, keeping customers continuously engaged with your store by rewarding them for their business.

Let Loyalty give you and your customers more advantages:
start building rewarding relationships now.

Variable Program Options

Loyalty helps you give customers the personalization they want: over 40% remain loyal to brands that make offers unique to their needs*. Personalize the program even more by offering rewards tailored to your dealership tiers.

*Accenture, Seeing Beyond the Loyalty Illusion, 2016

Essentials™ and Book™ Integration

Add the perks and extras without losing the efficiency. Full integration with Essentials lets you easily convey program benefits, solicit enrollments and build campaign lists—and Book provides instant Loyalty member recognition within the service ledger.

Personalized Web Portal

Individualize each customer experience through personal sites that give every Loyalty shopper the ability to track point status, activity, and more at their convenience.

Engagement Emails

Loyalty works around the clock to keep you top-of-mind—and top choice—with your customers: timely automated welcome emails and useful reminders help maintain continuous program interest.


Here’s what our customers have to say…

MISC – AutoLoop Fast to React

The best part about AutoLoop is they’re fast to react to customer wants and wishes. Other companies put customer requests on a ‘back burner,’ but even when I make a crazy request, they work with it.

Chris Case, Service Director, DCH Toyota of Oxnard

XRM – Partnership

I feel extremely confident in our decision to move forward with XRM, and that we have made a great decision by committing to our partnership with you and the XRM team for the future.

Shawn Vaughan, General Manager, Toyota of Boerne

XRM – A True Partner-Vendor

XRM has been “incredibly responsive to our needs over the years by listening to our concerns about technology issues, and by customizing some of your products and reports to help us conduct our business at a much higher level. I feel that has contributed to our growth and success. We also like the fact that you are local and that your field staff are all retail folks that have had experience in dealerships. I just want to say that you guys have been there for us when we needed you, and I do appreciate that kind of attention from a true partner-vendor.”

Shawn Vaughan, General Manager, Toyota of Boerne

XRM – Most Powerful, Complete, and Fully Integrated CRM Tool

I am convinced that you will soon have the most powerful, complete, and fully integrated CRM/marketing tool in the industry for both Sales and Service. […] I can’t wait to test-drive it and use it to drive our business to new record levels of sales and profits.

Shawn Vaughan, General Manager, Toyota of Boerne

XRM – Cutting Edge Solution

XRM has “a cutting-edge mobile solution, which is going to be a big part of our sales process in the future, as we are outgrowing our facility, and we have to give our sales team a mobile solution to allow them to work efficiently.”

Shawn Vaughan, General Manager, Toyota of Boerne

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