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Expedite Check-Ins and Enhance Service

Increase the speed and accuracy of service check-ins with AutoLoop SmartLane™.  Available for iPad® and soon for Windows Surface™, SmartLane is a comprehensive solution that works to streamline your service lane by ensuring a proper greeting for every customer.   Key benefits of SmartLane: Gain a clear overview of all scheduled activity for the next […]

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How Online Service Payments Improve the Customer Experience

Stay one step ahead of competitors by partnering with the right technology: implement AutoLoop BillPay™ to simplify accounting and expedite the payment process today.   According to a 2017 Forbes story, convenience is more important to today’s consumers than price and even product. That’s why your competitors are constantly trying to outdo your customer service. To stay one […]

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Maximize Efficiency with AutoLoop ShopMonitor™

Keep your advisors on task while delivering a superior customer experience with AutoLoop ShopMonitor. This service workflow tool helps maximize efficiency by tracking the progress of every vehicle entering your shop.   How it works  1) Each vehicle receives its own vehicle-specific number that enables tracking at multiple stations within the dealership 2) Advisors can […]

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Want to Increase Service Revenue? Start with the Basics!

By Stephen Coambes After decades of working in and with dealerships all over the country, I find that many don’t have a proper process in place, or if they do, it’s not being followed. I can’t tell you how many times I have pulled into a service lane and have not been greeted or am […]

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How XRM™ Overcomes 4 Common Buyer Objections

What is the best predictor of whether or not a customer will buy from your dealership? A recent AutoLoop survey of about 60,000 unsold automotive customers makes a strong argument for engagement to interest—and ultimately, persuade—buying customers. Take a look at the survey results and see how XRM maximizes lead conversions by overcoming buying objections. […]

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What is the Best Predictor of Customer Loyalty?

By Doug Van Sach AutoLoop VP of Analytics and Data Services Doug Van Sach shares findings about the best predictor of customer loyalty from AutoLoop’s recently published white paper, “Life After Loyalty.”   To explore more exclusive insights from AutoLoop, reach out to us today.

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Gain greater control with the Dynamic Worksheet in XRM™

Our Dynamic Worksheet enables users to maintain or edit details as needed to streamline your sales process and close the deal even faster.   With XRM’s Dynamic Worksheet, you’ll have greater control over your deals than ever before. You have the freedom to default settings to your preferences – but our exclusive features enable worksheets […]

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Empower your team and lift productivity with the XRM™ Sales Planner

XRM continues to achieve new levels of efficiency and functionality within its Sales Planner tool. The tool has always allowed users to manage all CRM tasks within one central location. However, two particular features – customer modals and added enterprise support – are poised to make life even easier for sales associates, service advisors and BDC […]

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Perception vs. Reality: Are You Seeing your Service Department through your Customers’ Eyes?

By Alexia Henson Many consumers have the perception that servicing at a dealership is more expensive than at independent service providers. Whether this applies to your service department or not, independents acquire customers through consistently advertising competitive prices. Unfortunately, this seems to be working well for them as they’re capturing more and more of your […]

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Surviving the Customer Loyalty Tailspin

By Doug Van Sach   With the average customer retention rate across the industry below 50%, dealers are losing more than half of their customers each year. Here’s how to combat it. Today, the Big 3 automakers account for only 44% of the market – a 26% decline from 2 and a half decades ago. […]

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