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Are your service customers ready to buy?

You know how service visits affect service retention, but do you know how service visits relate to the customer buying process? According to a recent study conducted by AutoLoop, we discovered that the peak repurchase rate occurs between the fourth and eighth service visit. This valuable insight gives you an edge in your marketing strategy: […]

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Loop Insight Blog – Open Rates by Weekday

Does the day of the week an email campaign is launched affect whether that email is opened? It does! And boosting your open rates ultimately increases response rates – meaning more ROI for your store. In a recent study, we identified how dealers could drive ROI by analyzing on-demand email campaign launch dates. In our […]

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Study: AutoLoop Book™ boosts RO numbers by 26%

There are many well-known advantages to using AutoLoop Book, such as saving an average 27 hours of monthly advisor time and making it easier for customers to schedule online. Now, with recent research conducted by AutoLoop, Book has an added advantage: we compared average RO numbers between dealers using Book and those not using Book, […]

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Exclusive insight: luxury tire sales are ramping up.

Summer is here – and for luxury retailers, that means a significant increase in tire sales. Based on an analysis of over 9 million repair orders, we’ve discovered a large increase in tire demand for high-end models beginning this month. Peaking at nearly 25% of all ROs in July, this spike in tire sales goes […]

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How to ensure your email marketing gets through

As you know, email is a vital part of your marketing. But if your specially-crafted email campaigns don’t make it to your customers’ inboxes, your ROI will fall short. Following email deliverability best practices is more than making sure your customers receive your emails—it’s making sure that your emails aren’t marked as spam. To keep […]

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Email Marketing Remains a Powerful Tool—Here’s Why.

Marketing is constantly evolving to fit what companies need, what catches the attention of customers, and what the latest technology is capable of – all of which are ever-changing. With the surge of newer and shinier ways to attract business across a variety of channels, including social media, search engine optimization, and mobile marketing, you […]

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AutoLoop Files Antitrust Lawsuit Against CDK Global

Alleged unlawful anti-competition practices by CDK Global instigate another lawsuit against the software giant CLEARWATER, FL – Loop LLC dba AutoLoop, the leading provider of auto-industry marketing, sales, and service solutions, announced today that it has filed an antitrust lawsuit against CDK Global LLC (“CDK”), alleging ongoing unlawful anti-competition practices. The suit is the latest […]

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AutoLoop’s New TradeAi Tool Accelerates Trade Cycles, Simplifies Processes

Intelligent innovation handpicks the most optimal trade customers for retailers – and automatically provides strategically customized engagement CLEARWATER, FL – AutoLoop LLC, the leading provider of auto industry sales, service, and marketing solutions, today announced the newest addition to its comprehensive, end-to-end platform: TradeAi. An entirely automated trade generation tool, TradeAi captures and communicates with […]

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