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Give customers the best experience with the skate alert.

Give customers the best experience with the skate alert.

Proper communication is essential for any team’s success. But especially in automotive sales, it’s important that every member of your staff is on the same page and closing sales with the right customers. So in an effort to promote better communication and discourage sales staff from engaging with others’ customers, AutoLoop XRM™ has a skate alert for dealership managers.

How it works
If Salesperson A makes an entry on a prospect who is already being worked by Salesperson B, managers who opt to receive this alert will receive a mobile notification saying that a salesperson has been skated. However, this notification only alerts the manager if Salesperson A does not reassign the prospect to themselves after making the new entry.

Types of notifications sent
Managers who have opted in will receive a notification via mobile, email, or both.

Mobile Push Notification

Email Notification

The skate alerts in AutoLoop XRM help ensure customers receive the best possible sales experience by eliminating confusion and duplication of effort. It also helps keep your sales staff on the same page by promoting a fair playing field with honest deals and open communication.

In addition, the skate alerts help make sales tracking simpler for managers. Once managers are notified, they can go into the system and correctly reassign the appropriate sales staff to the noted prospect—or they can alert the salesperson to make that change. This way, reporting comes out accurate and the manager can rest assured that each member of their sales team is getting the proper credit for their sales.

Start streamlining the sales process for both your customers and your sales staff by opting in to the skate alerts in AutoLoop XRM. For questions or assistance utilizing this notification, please reach out to your Performance Manager.

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