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Expedite check-ins with video walk‑arounds.

Expedite check-ins with video walk‑arounds.

Capture every repair while safeguarding your shop: the new AutoLoop SmartLane™ video functionality is now available for service staff performing routine vehicle walk-arounds. That means your advisors can now pinpoint a vehicle’s existing damage via video—eliminating the need for multiple photos if there’s a widespread area of damage. Not only does this video feature add speed and convenience to your process, it also helps cover your liability.

Capture it all on video

A thorough vehicle walk-around can instantly reveal anything from minor repairs or maintenance—such as worn windshield wipers, body scratches, dents, cracks, and rust—to more serious issues. While the SmartLane annotation feature already provides the capability to photograph and mark any specific areas that might be in question, video is much more ideal for capturing panoramic views, larger repairs, or areas with greater detail, so customers can see exactly what you’re describing.

Get it with SmartLane, save it with Book

Dealers using both AutoLoop Book™ and SmartLane have an added advantage. Thanks to the seamless integration between Book and SmartLane, all images and videos captured with SmartLane are easily added to the customer’s record and available for later reference. Besides creating a visual history for each customer’s vehicle, this also encourages transparency and builds better relationships between your staff and your customers. Plus, your shop will benefit through:

  • Instant access to accurate records. Rather than taking new videos or pictures of previously declined repairs, you can pull up the original documentation on your tablet to confirm your earlier recommendations.
  • Reduced liability. No need to worry about a customer saying you’ve missed something on this visit, or that damage you described wasn’t there earlier. Simply bring up the customer record in Book to verify any recommendations, any time, and eliminate the possibility of suspicion toward your shop and staff.

The new AutoLoop SmartLane video technology enhances every aspect of your service lane, from initial check-in to repeat customer visits. To learn more about this new feature, please reach out to your Performance Manager.

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