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Using the MPI Parts Pricing Matrix

AutoLoop is excited to announce a new feature: MPI Parts Pricing Matrix. This feature lets dealerships set percentage mark ups or mark downs on parts based on MSRP pricing. This is available for dealers using our MOTOR parts data. No more part-by-part pricing adjustments on every RO. MPI Parts Pricing Matrix will help smooth operations […]

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Word tracks—inspection explanations simplified

Finding issues on vehicles during multi-point inspections certainly isn’t uncommon. While every customer would obviously like a quick service visit and clean automotive bill of health, the job of the technicians is, after all, to detect and correct any potential vehicle problems during the visit. Often, however, finding the issues is the easy part. The […]

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Book by advisor availability for service lane success

Have you ever had a customer wait an hour, maybe two, simply because your service advisors were overbooked? It’s a common problem in fixed ops that can impact customer experience — and whether customers come back for future appointments. It doesn’t have to be a problem, though. In AutoLoop Book™, service appointments can be scheduled […]

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Expedite check-ins with video walk‑arounds.

Capture every repair while safeguarding your shop: the new AutoLoop SmartLane™ video functionality is now available for service staff performing routine vehicle walk-arounds. That means your advisors can now pinpoint a vehicle’s existing damage via video—eliminating the need for multiple photos if there’s a widespread area of damage. Not only does this video feature add […]

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See every stage of service—on one screen.

Ensuring a thorough inspection process for your customers often means checking the status of their vehicles during various stages of service. Previously, that meant users had to turn their filters on or off to hide or show certain statuses—and they’d have to scroll down the page to see all inspections in every status. But now, […]

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Assign and track inspections for parts advisors in AutoLoop MPI™.

A key factor in maintaining your store’s competitive advantage is your Service Department’s ability to perform thorough inspections quickly. In order to keep your customers’ wait times as short as possible, having the necessary parts to complete inspection work is crucial. But just as important is knowing who recommended the necessary parts, so they receive […]

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How to contact and convert more leads.

We understand that most dealerships don’t have the time to give each and every customer the attention they deserve—especially those shopping through your website online. That’s why AutoLoop Call Center™ is now offering internet lead follow-up! We’ll target your active internet leads for 30, 60, or 90 days after your employees have stopped attempting to […]

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Give customers the best experience with the skate alert.

Proper communication is essential for any team’s success. But especially in automotive sales, it’s important that every member of your staff is on the same page and closing sales with the right customers. So in an effort to promote better communication and discourage sales staff from engaging with others’ customers, AutoLoop XRM™ has a skate […]

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All AutoLoop XRM™ notifications moving to mobile app.

AutoLoop XRM™ is designed to consistently give you a best-in-class experience, from user-friendly online tools to worry-free lead management to personalized support. And changing technology offers a continuous opportunity to improve that experience for ease of use. One such change is in your notifications. With mobile apps now delivering personalized, tailored communications as well as […]

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The First Service Appointment: What Matters Most

By Stephen Coambes As a dealer, you can no longer rely on new and pre-owned vehicle sales to supply a steady stream of customers to the service department. There’s simply too much competition out there, from other dealerships to independent repair shops. The ability to acquire and retain service customers has never been more important […]

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