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How to ensure your email marketing gets through

As you know, email is a vital part of your marketing. But if your specially-crafted email campaigns don’t make it to your customers’ inboxes, your ROI will fall short. Following email deliverability best practices is more than making sure your customers receive your emails—it’s making sure that your emails aren’t marked as spam. To keep […]

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Email Marketing Remains a Powerful Tool—Here’s Why.

Marketing is constantly evolving to fit what companies need, what catches the attention of customers, and what the latest technology is capable of – all of which are ever-changing. With the surge of newer and shinier ways to attract business across a variety of channels, including social media, search engine optimization, and mobile marketing, you […]

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You Had Me at Hello

by Stephen Coambes I’ve worked in customer service my entire life and I’ve seen first-hand how powerful a good check-in process can be at generating results. Well, at one dealership we received feedback from some customers that the check-in process was just too slow. At the time there wasn’t a lot we could do to […]

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Want to Increase Service Revenue? Start with the Basics!

By Stephen Coambes After decades of working in and with dealerships all over the country, I find that many don’t have a proper process in place, or if they do, it’s not being followed. I can’t tell you how many times I have pulled into a service lane and have not been greeted or am […]

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Perception vs. Reality: Are You Seeing your Service Department through your Customers’ Eyes?

By Alexia Henson Many consumers have the perception that servicing at a dealership is more expensive than at independent service providers. Whether this applies to your service department or not, independents acquire customers through consistently advertising competitive prices. Unfortunately, this seems to be working well for them as they’re capturing more and more of your […]

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