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On average, advisors spend 27 hours each month scheduling appointments by phone. AutoLoop Book saves their time—and your money. Our online scheduling solution offers user-friendly appointments, industry-leading shop loading, robust support and more. It’s everything your team and customers need, right at their fingertips.

Book’s online scheduling saves about 27 hours of advisor time each month.
See what it can do for you.

Automotive Appointment Scheduling Software

Save advisor time by driving more customers to schedule online. Book delivers an average increase of 33% more appointments with its user-friendly system, personalized service recommendations, advisor and transportation options, even automated reminders.

Lane Flow Management

Eliminate overbooking with a scheduler that’s uniquely designed to conform to your shop capacity and processes. Book initiates, manages and reports on all aspects of software scheduling, giving you greater control and more customization than DMS functionality alone.

Service Ledger

Keep your team focused on their customers. Book maximizes advisor time by simplifying the appointment process and eliminating the need to memorize opcodes. Using intuitive dashboards and straightforward filters, your BDC and other admin staff can book appointments with ease to lessen the load on your advisors.

Skills and Shop Loading Optimization

Put a stop to technician downtime and maximize throughput. We developed our Shop Loading feature to give you greater control of your shop, including the ability to effortlessly view and manage the types of jobs that are available or scheduled.

Just a 1% increase in productivity drives an additional 10 ROs per month.

Industry-Leading Support

We leave you with a lot more than an 800 number after the install. Count on regular visits to your dealership and quickly connect with real, personable support representatives from our extensive team of knowledgeable professionals when you need them most.


Here’s what our customers have to say…

BOOK – Shop Capacity

Upon switching to our online scheduling solution, Crews Subaru realized their shop capacity was not being fully utilized. After working with our dedicated team to customize their settings, Crews Subaru went from taking 20 appointments a day to handling 40 comfortably—a 100% increase in service business.

Crews Subaru

Book – See What’s Coming

It’s easy for service advisors and other personnel to go in to the schedule and identify what’s coming.

Duane Templeton, Service Manager, Kenny Ross Subaru

BOOK – My guys constantly look at it.

It’s easily adaptable – easy to work for our operators. My guys constantly look at it.

Duane Templeton, Service Manager, Kenny Ross Subaru

BOOK – Better Balance

If I need to, I can make modifications to tomorrow’s schedule to better balance appointments. And if on Friday we have a slot with only one vehicle, I can see that and send off an advisor to work on something else.

Duane Templeton, Service Manager, Kenny Ross Subaru

BOOK – Better Ways

Recently, we were forced to sign up for Xtime; we said that’s fine, but there are better ways of doing it.

Duane Templeton, Service Manager, Kenny Ross Subaru

BOOK – Avoid Bottlenecks

Switching to Book™ helps avoid scheduling “bottlenecks”.

Chris Case, Service Director, DCH Toyota of Oxnard

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