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Assign and track inspections for parts advisors in AutoLoop MPI™.

Assign and track inspections for parts advisors in AutoLoop MPI™.

A key factor in maintaining your store’s competitive advantage is your Service Department’s ability to perform thorough inspections quickly. In order to keep your customers’ wait times as short as possible, having the necessary parts to complete inspection work is crucial. But just as important is knowing who recommended the necessary parts, so they receive their commission. That’s why the latest update in AutoLoop MPI™ enables users to assign specific parts advisors to any ongoing inspection. Your service staff can instantly see which parts advisors are involved in a particular job. And those advisors can easily filter the MPI ledger to display the inspections assigned to them.

Same navigation, new capability

While your MPI ledger functionality will remain unchanged, the filter dropdown will now include all your parts advisors. Additionally, it provides the capability to assign inspections to those advisors during the Parts Pricing (left, below) and/or Parts Ordered (right, below) phases.

No more confusion on commission or reporting

By assigning specific parts advisors to each individual job, the new feature also eliminates any guesswork about commission allocation. Since advisors may be entitled to commissions on the parts they provide for an inspection, it’s important to ensure they receive the proper credit. In addition, this new feature makes tracking the parts orders and commissions much easier for managers. With the ability to assign certain parts advisors, the reporting will now be more accurate.

If you have questions about this latest MPI update, or need help utilizing other MPI features, please contact your Performance Manager.

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